Hopefully some of the meteorologists are wrong but it looks very possible that we will be hit with blizzard like conditions here in New England on Friday of this week and it’s time to start preparing if you have not done so already.  We’ve been doing it a long time around here I know but here is a short list of things that you should be concerned with

1. Water- If you don’t live in a municipality with a water supply you will need to make sure you have plenty for drinking cooking and flushing the toilets.  Fill containers for drinking and cooking and fill bathtubs for flushing. 

2. HEAT- We happen to have a wood stove and a great many homes around here do.  Make sure it is SAFE to burn if you have not used it in some time.  If your chimney was cleaned and inspected in the last few years and just not used much than you should be fine but if you are not sure don’t use it.  No sense in going from the frying pan to the fire, quite literally.  While you might not be very comfortable you will live if you have to stay in warm blankets all day but if this lasts for a long time and you have not got an alternate heat source you might consider where you should be going to stay during this. And you should decide this now not last minute!

      *We have a generator for both of the above so our task is going to be getting enough gas to last a few days should we need it. 


3. FOOD-We generally have enough food in the house to last some time without worrying for I’d say at least three weeks.  Some of it may not be your favorite but you will NOT be hungry. Getting easy to heat items when you are at the store will be your best bet.  You can buy sterno fuel at most grocery stores and rig yourself a warmer to heat that soup with.  If you have no other way to heat up some food this will do in a pinch.  You can’t really cook on them from scratch but you can warm up just fine, make hot water for hot cocoa and the like. To rig your “burner”,punch holes in the side of a tin can at the level of the flame and then right at the top edge, you can use a hammer and nail to do this.  Cut both ends out of a tin can big enough to hold the sterno container inside,   Light the sterno and place the can over it, place your pan of soup or what not on top and you will have a nice little warmer. Do not leave unattended!

Now this last bit isn’t a necessity exactly but then again it is. If you plan on being without power or like us without power and no electronic entertainment you might want to figure out what you are going to DO.  Small children will need entertainment and things to do so consider what that will be now.  Making something special for Valentines Day might be a good idea and it will keep them busy and hopefully not fighting.  Make sure you have glue paper and all of that now.  Get out some games, make sure the pieces are all there, grab the cards and make sure they are all there.  Make it age appropriate of course but think about it now or they will drive you crazy!




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