Stripping Wallpaper

009Stripping wall paper is not generally a very hard task however then again sometimes it is.  These are pictures of what is now our spare bedroom.  I am attempting to strip the wall paper in order to paint it and furnish it.  I had read that you could use fabric softener to do this and for the first wall it worked pretty well. I diluted a cup full of softener into about two gallons of very warm water. The vinyl paper that was on these walls came off in two parts. It was easy to just peel the outer layer off and I was left with what you see which is the paper backing.  This I wet down thoroughly with a sponge, let soak in for about ten minutes making sure it stayed damp and then scraped it off.  The problem came when I got to the next wall and apparently the wall had not been primed or sized before adding the wall paper.  I got most of it off but had quite a few dents and scratches in the wall to fix.  I’m fixing those with mud and will sand and likely put on another coat.  This is a necessary step since I want to paint the wall.  If I was going to paper it again I would not take as much care but I would prime it and size it correctly so that this does not happen again.

The amount of money it would take me to pay someone else to do this work would be enormous as it’s quite labor intensive.  I do have the time to put into this so I’ll continue on and show you each stage as I go until we get to the finished room.  We’d really like to replace the rug in this room however at this point we do not have funds for that so I’ll be giving it a good cleaning and later will worry about the replacement.  Paint is extremely inexpensive so the room will be freshly painted and we’ll be furnishing it with yard sale or used furniture store finds.



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