Teaching Children about Lies and Cheating

I have very vivid memories about learning about cheating and lying and I won’t go into detail but they are not particularly pleasant.  I think it’s important to make sure children know that you love them and while what they have done is wrong you still love them.  Recently my grand daughter and I were playing Candy Land.  We had purchased the game for her at Christmas and her and I have played it over and over again when she comes to visit.  I was pretty relieved the first time I won that she did not get upset and actually celebrated that I had won a game.  Still she wanted to win badly so one day she stacked the deck!  That’s right my four year old grand daughter started to cheat in order to win.  I have to confess I thought it adorable.  She took the Candy card that gets you to the top of the board and hid it behind her back while I was stacking the cards and then she put it on top (knowing that the rules say the youngest always go first).  I distracted her and took the card myself and put it under the board. She picked up her first card and without even looking at it showed it to me with the smuggest of looks on her face.  And I calmly replied “Oh you got a blue.”  I honestly should have received an Academy award for my performance because what I really wanted to do was laugh uncontrollably.  You should have seen her face.  “WHHAAATTT??” she says quickly turning the card around to confirm that it was indeed a blue.  She started muttering under her breath that the card had to be here somewhere as she had just had it.  I pulled the card out from under the board where I had hid it from her and she said “oh Grammy” and then we had a good laugh.  I told her it was not nice to cheat and that I didn’t want her to do it anymore and she said “ok” and we went along playing.  Our next few games she did not cheat at all however when she thought I might win she very sweetly asked if she come up to the same space as me and of course I said “Yes” and then I let her win. I did explain as we were playing that if she was playing with other children it would be very important to make sure that she played by the rules so that everyone had a chance to win sometimes because it feels very good to win.  She said “yes, I know” and gave me that big sweet grin of hers.


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