You will hear a lot about Prepping, bug out bags and the like from a lot of people on line and they even have a TV show about it now for heavens sake.  I have to say I am not a “Prepper” at least not in the sense that you hear discussed.  That being said I am a “Preparer” in other ways.  Every year I prep for winter, we bring in wood, we plant a garden, harvest it and put up the food for winter.  We reserve money to the side for the astronomical heat bill.  The shows you hear about, the more extreme shows and blogs are all discussing doomsday, the apocalypse or whatever.  I’m a bit more basic than that.  I do not have a “bug out bag” however I do have all my important papers in a fireproof safe to grab at a moments notice.  We could and have “bugged in” as they say.  Lord knows in New Hampshire in the last ten years we’ve lost our power for not just a day or two but a week or two at a time.  In this situation we are prepared to stay here quite comfortably for some time.  The other thing I like to “Prep” for is the unknown.  Who knows when you might need extra. You will find a stocked freezer and pantry in this house at all times and when it gets low I DON’T like it.   I like to think that I could make do with what I have for at least a months if not more.  I am not all that good at saving money but I am good about stocking up and it’s the same thing really.  I can’t spend extra food, oil, wood or whatever. Once I buy it, it’s here and if I need to rely on it in a rough patch (and trust me I have) than that is simply awesome.  That’s right  I’m PREPARED, not for doomsday maybe but for all the little pitfalls that we face in life!

The best place to start is in your pantry.  Do you usually buy canned corn?  When they are on sale buy a case and stick it in the pantry.  Continue on in this manner purchasing more than you need in good times to save for later when you might need them.  At the very least if you have a work furlough or have to lose a days pay for some unplanned reason then you don’t have to worry when it comes time to go shopping because you have plenty already at home.  It also will save you running to the store when a blizzard is on the way, you are already set. AND when you are able you will feel much more comfortable donating for the can drive…you’ve got plenty.  Now that is what I call Prepping!


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