Don’t throw that out!

It’s spring cleaning time and our first knee jerk reaction to finding a bunch of top sheets with no bottoms is to throw them out, right?  WRONG. Sheets can be used for so many things.  You can cut them into strips and rugs.  You can cut them into squares, finish the edges and make them into dinner napkins.  You can sew a laundry bag for your kid going off to college. Sheets make awesome quilt backings. Blankets make great inside to quilts and even more sheets could be used on the squares.  (make those into window quilts to save energy and money). How about making a set of cute curtains for the kitchen or for the bathroom.  At the very least you could at least use it for a drop cloth when painting. Makes you really want to make sure you buy pretty sheets next time you are shopping doesn’t it?  What about making some pillows? Table runner?  As you can see the ideas are endless. If you really really don’t think you’ll have time for any of these projects and you are determined to trim down and purge your stores, please donate them to either a homeless shelter or a thrift shop like Good Will.  Someone else is going to really appreciate those sheets. When I was a kid it was awesome to use them for indoor play tents on rainy days.


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