Asking for Help

In terms of learning new things and getting work done around the house, yard and garden I believe myself to be pretty talented. Most woman do not know how to do electrical wiring, tile a floor or install plumbing but I’ve learned all these things through the years, most of them with a Time Life book in one hand (I think I just dated myself) and a screwdriver in the other. That just means I can follow written directions pretty well. I do however have quite a few limitations. My husband likes to tease me incessantly when the “Hoveround” commercial comes on but seriously I have horrid legs. The left knee has been replaced and the right knee will need to be in the years to come and I am on a downward spiral of what I can and cannot do. It makes me mad and I mean really mad. I am an extremely independent person and since I was two I have been telling people “I can do it myself” and I have been doing it for myself for a very long time. For me, relying on someone else is like crying “Uncle” and I do NOT like to do it. The reality is though that the Hoveround my husband keeps teasing me about might be a mode of transportation for me in the future, hopefully the very distant future. Sometimes in this world you have to ask for help.  For me this year it will be likely asking my son in law Ron to mulch the flower beds.  I know that he will come and do whatever I ask, he’s such a doll!  In return I’ll likely make him his favorite lasagna and I’ll watch my granddaughter Olivia so he and my daughter can go out to dinner.  I suppose in the end it’s a good trade off.  The point is if you need help with something that you need to do, need to learn don’t forget to ask for help, you might learn something and you just might have something to offer to someone else that could help them!


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