My seed starting project in the face of Snow!

008 With a Spring Snow Storm approaching I’ve decided to solidly focus on Spring and not bother about the snow. We are in a winter storm warning predicting 3-5″ of snow. I am completely ignoring it, will draw the curtains and not look outside.   It’s time to start the plants anyway!  I purchased heirloom seeds to start, a french melon and Boston Marrow Squash which is big like a hubbard squash but bright orange.  I started a great many plants last year and lost them all when they got leggy.  My husband came along and was annoyed by the lights being on all day and said they didn’t need them and turned them off.  I don’t know why I listened to him but I did and well, lost all my plants.  SO this year I’m starting less things until I see if what I am doing is going to work.  You can see my little set up in the pictures.  The box faces a very sunny window and then I have numerous lights facing the box as well and for added measure I took a pizza box and covered it with tinfoil to reflect the light onto the plants so they would have light from all sides.  From what I have read enough light is essential to the process, not starting the plants too early helps and then watering and that kind of thing.

You can see I have a few celery starting in there too.  I’ve tried this before but with no success.  When I planted my leafed out celery in the garden they died.  I decided to start in water as suggested, plant into a pot and really let the roots get established and then transfer to the garden.  I use celery a lot so I’ll have a new one of these starting every week and should have a nice crop to go into the garden.

I didn’t spend much on this project, just bought the soil.  The six packs were from plants I bought at the nursery in years past.  I kept them, washed them out with soap and water right after planting last year.  When I was ready to plant I washed them out again and then stuck them in a solution of one gallon of water and 1/4 cup bleach and let them soak a bit.  I figured this would kill any disease that may have hitched a ride in the containers. I opened up the seeds and soaked them in a glass of water for 24 hours.  I have to admit waiting was horrid. Then I filled the six packs 2/3 full with potting soil stuck in the seeds and watered. My watering device is home made too.  It’s a gallon milk jug well washed out and sterilized (same bleach solution as for the containers and then I rinsed it well after)   I cut holes into the cover and I turn it over and get a gentle rain onto my plants.  The plastic bin you see them sitting in is a pet cage which we used for rabbits a long time ago and then as a brooder for our baby chicks last year.  I bought it used for $20 years ago, I think I got my monies worth!  You could use any plastic container laying about or a box even lined with a plastic garbage bag.  Not need to spend tons of money on this project.  I hope they will do well, I think I can taste the melons now!







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