What Frugal Activity Have YOU done lately?

Painted the bathroom instead of paying someone else to do it.

Made T-shirt into pajamas for my granddaughter

Made granddaughter a summer dress by cutting down an existing turtle neck shirt (she had got permanent marker on the front) and the bottom of a dress given to my daughters years ago that did not end up fitting them.

Mended socks

Removed arms from linen suit coat, used the fabric from the arms to expand sides and refashioned to no sleeved shirt for summer. 

Had leftovers night

Sourced Craigslist for windows or doors with windows in them to build a cold frame and found a great option for only $10.00!

Ordered green cord wood to be delivered so it can season and it’ll be ready for winter.  To help along the process we cover the pile with black plastic (not quite all the way, it should be able to vent).  This uses the suns energy to kiln dry the wood.  Yup, solar kiln.

Switched electric providers, saved $30 last month!


What have you been up to lately? 



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  1. JOYCE says:

    sounds like your bathroom is coming right along, What is a cold frame., never heard of that one.

    1. Joyce,

      The bathroom will hopefully be done within two weeks at most.

      A cold frame is like a mini green house. It’s basically a box with no bottom that sits on the ground, the top is glass and is slanted a bit to better catch the sun. Gardeners have used them for a very long time but I don’t see them much anymore. This is where I will start my plants next year and I won’t have to harden them off because they will have grown up in the elements already. During the day you have to lift the top if it’s very sunny so that the plants don’t too hot. You can grown plants that can stand cold in them all winter. Here is a link to one for sale on line. I will be building my own though using old windows or doors. http://www.williams-sonoma.com/products/130948/?catalogId=46&bnrid=3120901&cm_ven=Google_PLA&cm_cat=Agrarian&cm_pla=Raised_Beds_&_Planters&cm_ite=Farmer_D_Cedar_Cold_Frame_%7C_Williams-Sonoma&srccode=cii_17588969&cpncode=31-141375947-2

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