Electric Bill
Unplug unused electrical devices
Don’t leave the lights on
Use timers and power strips
If your hot water heater is electric, lower the temperature to 125 degrees
Take shorter showers, shower every other day instead of every day
Run full loads of laundry
Hang your laundry to dry
Add a towel in the dryer, it will greatly reduce drying time
Skip the heat dry cycle on your dishwasher
Use a microwave, crock pot or toaster for cooking, they use much less energy then your oven.
Heating Bill:
Lower the thermostat, if you are not home during the day turn down to 65 degrees, Set at 68 degrees when you are home and turn it down at night. Put on a sweater!
Cover windows and doors with blankets to keep out the cold.
If you use gas for cooking and heat try to use the oven much less, when you do use it cook several things at once
Cut your cable to basic or turn it off completely. Use Netflix and Hulu to watch TV.
Ask your family members if you can share their Netflix, Hulu
Check out Google TV on your smart TV, Redux
Watch TV online the next day, many channels offer viewing after the shows have aired. PBS, ABC, NBC, etc
Ways to Save on Food:
Cook and Pack your own food for lunches: prepared food or buying at a convenience store wastes money.
Bake your own snacks, brownies, cookies, muffins, banana bread, etc
No eating out
Make two casseroles and freeze one for a “quick” meal one night
Eat less meat
Have breakfast for dinner
Buy store brand products
Earn More:
Change your deductible on your paycheck (be careful not to pay in taxes, there are worksheets to figure out exactly what you should claim).
Get a second job
Start a side gig (take photos and sell then, officiate at weddings, babysit)
Blogs will pay for posts, The Penny Hoarder, Listverse, Babble, Austin Briggs, Galavanting, Worldstart, The Motley Fool, Tuts are all sites that pay for posts.
Sell your unused items.
Write and sell ebooks
Start and online tutoring business in your specialty. Use Skype to connect with students
Reduce or eliminate Consumable Habits like smoking, drinking
Move to a less expensive apartment with at least some utilities included
Downgrade to a cheaper cell phone plan, download apps on your phone that track data, only use your phone for calling!

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