Quick Breads can save you quick money!

Have you ever run into the store picked up some muffins, banana bread or something like it? Then you are wasting money!  By committing to making at least one quick bread a week I guarantee you that you will save money because you don’t have to stop off to grab something, you will already have it!  What are quick breads you ask?  Muffins, biscuits, nut breads or pancakes.  They are called quick breads because they do not use yeast so do not have to sit and rise.  You mix them up, pop them in the oven and enjoy.

Did you know you can freeze the dough and  bake later?  So mix up dough for 2 dozen muffins, bake 12 and then freeze 12!.  This method is perfect for my husband and myself, there isn’t a big crew to cook for anymore so we can just bake up a few at a time for the two of us.  Simple scoop into the muffin cups and freeze right in the pan.  Once frozen take them out and put them in a freezer  bag.  To bake them place them back in the muffin tine and in the oven at 350  degrees for 25 minutes and then test with a toothpick, it if comes out clean, they are done!

Today I made lemon bread, an all time favorite for my husband!  Making these types of things can save you money in  buying expensive processed snacks.  Now you have something to pack yourself to go with your morning coffee or to send with your child to school, as an after school snack.  Or making something like biscuits to go with your dinner will help fill up your family and let’s face it, who could say no to a couple buttered biscuits and a bowl of beef stew!


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