Do a “Homemade Christmas” to save money!

Let’s face it, Christmas is wonderful and hugely stressful all at the same time!!  It is SO expensive.  If you don’t want to sink into the money pit this year consider making family and friends their Christmas presents.  I’ve done it for years.  I’ve made my own jelly, baked goods, and candies.  I would love any kind of candy you gave to ME!  Here are some ideas with some links to resources.  Try to use what you might have on hand, though. So if you are emptying a cute little jar of pimentos, keep that!  You can paint the cover and put something cute inside for grandma, she will love it!


How about a homemade facial scrub, I saw this on country and thought it was a great idea, I’ve included the link to the tutorial:

Coconut oil and peppermint extract create a sweet-smelling sugar scrub that makes a perfect stocking stuffer.  Get the tutorial at Love Grows Wild.

How about some lip balm, you can buy the tubes from Rose Mountain Herbs and most everything else you might need for that matter!  I personally love Burts Bees myself and I came across this recipe I’d love to try:

Homemade Burts Bees Imitation Peppermint Lip Balm Recipe


Making soaps aren’t too difficult although you do need to follow directions VERY carefully!  This website has some great basics etc for you to follow and don’t they look beautiful?


Making soap isn't difficult. Today I'm sharing my quick and easy, basic beginner soap recipe with fun ideas for personalizing it by adding exfoliants, essential oils, etc.



Make Jam!!  I actually ran my own jam business for years and people always loved getting jam as gifts!  My favorite recipe was for Raspberry Jam!  And it is very simple to make.  If you don’t want to spend the money on a canning kit go for freezer jam recipes!

Raspberry Jam 

4 Cups mashed Raspberries (yes you can use frozen, just defrost them first)

4 Cups Sugar

Prepare boiling water canner by adding water and bringing it to a boil so it is ready when your jam is!

Wash jars in hot soapy water and air dry and then sterilize in your canner.  (if you have a dishwasher with a sterilizing cycle you can skip this step and wash them in there.


Use a large pot and bring the raspberries to a boil, now add in your sugar and boil for two minutes at a full rolling boil.

I pour all of my jam into a juice container and then pour it into my jars, makes life much less messy. Leave a 1/4 inch headspace.

Clean the rims of your jar and put on the cover

Boil in the canner for ten minutes!

If you’d rather try the freezer version here is the recipe:

Canning CookBook Resource: If you are interested in preserving your own food I cannot recommend this book enough?


Whether you are making jam, facial scrub or even candles Fillmore Container is awesome, you can order one case or ten and get some really pretty jars.  Look at this two gallon Heritage Hill Jar.  And the customer service there is awesome. The options are 

2 Gallon Heritage Hill Jar w/Glass Lid


Most cookbooks will have basic recipes for candy but if you don’t have one or you are looking to step it up a notch go on over to Betty Crocker,

What could be easier than these Slow-Cooker ChocoPeanut Clusters! I’ll have you know my mouth is watering right about now!

Slow-Cooker Choco-Peanut Clusters


Can you sew? Crochet? Knit?  I can do all three but lately, have been having the most fun with crochet.  I was laid up with having multiple hip surgeries and going rather bonkers just sitting around so I started to learn more and more through YouTube videos!  The things you can learn on YouTube!  If you want to learn I would suggest checking out these folks, they are awesome teachers! Yes, I know you can’t learn for this Christmas,but start now and by next Christmas, you’ll be making some great gifts.

Repeat Crafter Me

Here are some things I’ve made for my grandchildren for Christmas!


Childrens Games and accessories  

I never knew there were printables on Pinterest for the American Girl Doll! There are just so many things you can find, you just never know.


Paper dolls for both girls and boys! I thought these superhero ones were adorable.

Superhero Boy Paper Dolls

And I thought these were super cute as well:

Star Wars Puppets Printable / by


I came across this little gem.

31 Free Printables for Pretend Play


There are any number of yard games, giant versions of our favorites that you can make like this yahtzee game!

Yard yatzee made with 4×4 wooden blocks. Woodburn dots and paint. Game on!:








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