Review of Rachel Ray bakeware.

(This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on the product links, I’ll receive a payment. )

One in awhile I come across something so good that I just have to share it with your and sometimes I share things that are just not worth your purchasing dollar as well!  Today I happen to be talking about the Rachel Ray Oven Lovin’ baking pans.


and I LOVE THEM. We didn’t actually go looking for these on purpose mind you.  Our baking pans were looking pretty sad and we just thought that it was time to replace them and started searching on  My husband is completely addicted to the site and buys EVERYTHING there.  We seriously bought every single toy for the grandchildren this year from Amazon.  And boy did we get some GREAT deals!  I think we paid $35 for our granddaughters Kindle.  Anyway, when searching around we came across this set and what I love about Amazon is the reviews.  We perused through those and saw great things said so we got these.

First thing I noticed about these pans, were how heavy they were. These are not some light weight cheesy things that are going to warp on you. They are carbon steel construction and really have stood up well to use. We’ve had them about six months and they still look new! Obviously, we do a lot of cooking, both on camera and off.  They are non-stick for easy clean up too!!  Can you just tell I love these things?

Being frugal is not about being cheap.  This is one of the purchases I have made that I will absolutely not regret because I know these are going to last for a very long time.  So while other sets might be less money in the long run, you are likely going to have to replace them much sooner so you haven’t saved a thing!


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