I just love this quote….there are so many but I find this one particularly motivating. And what to begin today?  I have a few things going …I always have a few things going.  In an effort to see what REALLY works in saving money doing laundry I am trying a few things.  I have heard of those dryer balls so I am going to get some wool and make my own.  Since I’m on the laundry kick I might do some research about home made laundry detergent as well and see if it actually saves you money.  When all is said and done there will be a post in there somewhere; I’ll share what I learn with all of you!

I have to work on the beginning of my book.  Did I tell you I was writing a book? It needs work but it’s a wonderful story for kids 8-12.  I love working on it but what I really need to do is spend more time on it.  I guess my new beginning in that regard would be a writing schedule.  I think perhaps setting some deadlines might be a good idea.  I could meander around writing this thing forever!

So what is your Beginning?





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