A little girls dreams….dolls.


My granddaughter just celebrated her 8th birthday, my goodness where has the time gone. Her wish for Christmas was to have an American Girl Doll, as you know that is an expensive doll and her parents were going to buy one for her but I mentioned that Addy was sitting on the shelf in my office where she had been since my daughter stopped playing with her.  I washed her clothes and brushed her hair and gave her back to my daughter to give Olivia for Christmas.  We all pitched in to get her things.  Her Mom bought her a set of clothes and shoes, I crocheted her a dress and hat, her great grandparents bought the doll a bed and my husband and I got her a kitchen. And that was that as they say.

The whole thing got me to thinking because if she is going to play with dolls she might as well have the other doll that was her mother’s as well.  It’s a Sasha doll.






I have been working to get her things together and get as many clothes as I could for her.  I went through the toy boxes (this is where my habit of keeping things comes in handy folks) and I plundered from other dolls.  There was an old rapunzel doll whose hair is a disaster who has not been played with for some time that I took a dress and shoes from.  And I had some inexpensive china dolls on my shelf, one had broken feet and the other was not something I really wanted to keep so I took her dress too.  There were a few outfits sent from my mother years and years ago but some were missing snaps so I sewed those on and I’ve come up with a nice collection I think.

By going through what I had, washing, repairing I have been able to put together a pretty nice ensemble for this doll and I didn’t spend a dime!  I think I might crochet her a cape hat and boots though….just because.  Still that won’t cost me anything either, I’ll use scraps that I already have from other projects.  Big win!


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