How to make Fried Haddock

Fried Haddock is not difficult to make.  A good solid pan (we prefer cast iron for this), some vegetable oil, cornmeal, flour and that is all you need!

First you will need about half a pound of fish per person, more if you have some heavy eaters.  Here in New England we are often lucky to get Haddock at 5.99 or 6.99 a pound. This is not as “cheap meal” however as always it is certainly less expensive to make your own than to go out to eat. When you pick out fish at the store it should look translucent, if it’s dull or yellow looking it’s likely not fresh.  Don’t be shy to ask when it was delivered to the store.  It should not smell overly fishy either, if it does it is likely old.

First, rinse your fish an pat dry it with paper towel.  Now you need to season the fish. My husband uses soul seasoning. He puts it on a plate at the bottom of the sink so as not to make as much of a mess.


Put 2 cups of corn meal and 1/3 cup flour in a plastic container.


Coat fish thoroughly on both sides with this mixture.


Fill the fry pan about half way with vegetable oil and heat to 375 degrees. Please be very careful when adding the fish to your pan, it can pop and burn you.  Also be careful of small children being around, be sure to have the handle of your pan turned in for safety. Do not overcrowd your pan, three to four pieces at a time is plenty.


Cook each filet until golden brown and turn over.  It shouldn’t take very long.


Line a baking dish with paper towels and move your fish her to drain while you cook the next batch.


While my husband was making this I took some small potatoes, baked them in the microwave, then sliced them in half, added some butter to my griddle and pressed the potatoes in there.


We added a simple salad and had a great dinner!



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