Pecan Pie-A Simple Easy Dessert

It’s valentines day and I decided to make my husband some pecan bars that he thought looked yummy.  I thought they looked pretty good.  It seemed simple enough, you make a crust and then you pour over the filling and bake.  Until I looked at the recipe, the first ingredient 2 pounds of pecans!  Do you know how much 2 pounds of pecans cost?  10.99!  So I went back to my good ‘ol reliable pecan pie.  This recipe takes 1 cup of pecans!  And I know he’ll love it.

So first I did the pie crust.  You can buy one if you like, I do mine by hand because it’s less expensive:

1/3 Cup plus 1 Tablespoon Shortening

1 Cup of All Purpose Flour

1/2 Teaspoon of salt

2-3 Tablespoons of ice cold water

Cut the shortening into the flour and salt until small crumbled pieces. Add in the water a bit at a time until the dough starts to ball up.  Move dough to cutting board and knead just a few times with a bit of flour.  Flour your board, your rolling pin and roll out the dough.  Place in the pie plate.





And then I mixed up the filling and poured it in:


Pecan Filling

3 Eggs

2/3 Cup Sugar

1/2 Teaspoon of salt

1/3 Cup melted butter

1 Cup corn syrup

1 Cup Pecans

Mix all together and pour into the pie crust.



I mean you can’t get much more simple than that!





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