Have you put your hands in your pockets?

Are your hands in your pockets or are they doing something?  Doing something to change the situation you are in.  I have been down and out..on my last dime.  I have had my electricity cut off, not had enough money for the heat bill or not enough when paying for groceries when I check out.  It is the most miserable feeling to not have enough.  All you want is enough, right?

The only person who can take you out of living paycheck to paycheck is you.  Oh sure your parents can help you, your friends can help you but in the end, the only lasting change has to come from you!  If there is one thing I have learned in this life if you want something you are going to have to get it for yourself!

That something is just a little bit different for each of us.  Me?  I went back to college to get my degree in Human Resources, three courses in I landed a job as an entry level recruiter. I barely knew how to use a computer, they didn’t ask me if I could and I certainly didn’t tell them that I didn’t.  I winged it in the gutsiest way you can imagine.

No matter what your situation might be we better get started right away and I mean quick. One of the best ways to dig yourself out of the hole is to have a side gig.  A little side business to help you through the tough spot and get you back on your feet from your setback. Here are some ideas:

Handy Person: If you are good at tiling, installing trim or some type of home repair you could promote yourself on CraigsList, TaskRabbit or NeedTo.  You will need to promote yourself on social media. Posting pictures of your work on Facebook and Pinterest will give you a great start!


House Cleaner You will need your own vacuum, cleaning supplies and transportation for this.  Again you’ll need to promote yourself, local facebook groups, Craigslist, HomeJoy and Care.com are all places you can list your services.

Odd Jobs  There are many sites that help you to pick up odd jobs as you need them. TaskRabbit, NeedTo, Craigslist and Zaarly area all places you can find small tasks that need to be completed and can be assured you’ll be paid for your work.

Driver Uber and Lyft have helped people in all sorts of situations to earn extra money using your own vehicle as a car service. Know that you are probably not going to make as much money as the organization says you will.  You are essentially your own boss so you have to track expenses carefully.  If you get bad ratings from your passengers it can really negatively affect your ability to earn money. You can get recruitment bonuses when you sign up new passengers and this will help your bottom line.

Pet Sitter  If you like dogs and cats there are a few sites you can sign up to connect with pet owners in your area who are in need of pet care but don’t want to send Fido to the pound.

Give Plasma This is not a long term solution to make lots of money but could help you once in awhile when short on groceries.  Go to DonatePlasma.org and find where in your area you can donate.  You can earn about $40-50 for your donation but you can only donate once a month.

Freelancer.  For digital marketing, graphics design and more check out Fiverr, UpWork and 99Designs. You can find work as a virtual assistant, create business plans, offer career advice and more.



Writer  You can find gigs at MediaBistro or Contently, Fiverr.  Freedomwithwriting.com regularly shares paid publishing opportunities for writers.  Anything from paid blog posts to magazines, poems etc are sent to me by email regularly.

Sell Your Stuff This again is probably not going to do much more than get you out of a tough spot but there are a lot of options for reducing clutter and making money.  ThreadUp.com is an online consignment and thrift store.  You simply take a picture of your items and get them listed. You can sell your old cell phone at Gazelle.com or usell.com which takes tablets and video games as well. Consider an old fashioned yard sale. You will need to promote it heavily to be successful.


Get A Roommate A great way to reduce expenses is to get a roommate!  It’s best to choose someone you know or recommended to you by trusted friends.  You must be clear about timely payments and about the habits of the household (for instance do you work second shift so people need to be quiet in the mornings when you are still sleeping).

Sell Your Photos Most of the photos requested are of ordinary things like a cup of coffee next to a laptop and don’t require formal photography training.That being said the pictures need to be pretty good to sell. Look at photos in different places to get a feel for what types of photography would sell.  Dreamstime is a pretty large site where you can get your photos to a great many people. Basically. you are lending your photos for others to use.   You can download the Dreamstime Photo Companion app from Google Play or App Store. Clashot is another app that you can use to sell photos. Simply shoot, upload and when someone buys a photo you get paid.  There are some sites like Snapwire that give you an “assignment” of something they would like photographed and you are in competition with other people to get the best picture. Foap is another app you can download and start selling photos. They charge their customers $10 a photo and you get $5.  You can look to see what recently sold which will give you a great idea of what kinds of photos to take.

Work Today LaborReady, LaborWorks and Labor Finders are all staffing agencies that put people to work, often the same day!   For longer term temporary assignments you should check with Adecco, Manpower, or Kelly Services. There are a huge amount of firms that provide temporary employees and from time to time these positions have a possibility of becoming permanent down the road!

Work From Home Would it be better for you to work from home? Maybe a second job working from home be better.  You can find listings for work at Home positions on Flexjobs.com.  Around busy times of the year organizations will need a bit of extra customer service help (like 1-800 Flowers around Mothers Day) so some of these jobs might not be long term full-time work. LiveOps, TeleTech, Amazon, Apple and Wells Fargo are all reputable companies that will hire work at home help.

It isn’t about what you can’t do but what you can! I hope I have inspired you to find a way to make it through.  My road was going back to college.  It took me five years to finish my degree because I had to have knee replacement in the middle!  But I did it and it has made a significant difference in our lives!

















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