14 Products That Will Save You Money in the Long Run

That post I did the other day on saving on Energy got me to thinking about what other types of products that we regularly use to save money.  We have acquired a lot of these through the years as we went along.  Please be sure to think about your purchase, whether you will actually use it and if it’s going to be good for your situation!

Disclosure: I am an Amazon affiliate, this post contains sponsored links from Amazon.

1. Water Efficient Shower Head  If you own your own home or are paying the water bill in a rental this is an invaluable tool to have for saving on that bill!  We prefer having a handheld shower head, helps when bathing the grandkids when they come over. Our downstairs bath has a walk in shower so this helps when we have to fill a bucket of water for washing the floor as well.Niagara Earth Massage Handheld – 1.5gpm


2. Pitcher Water Filter  Since we are on the subject of water….I can’t stand drinking “municipal” water, the taste is something I just can’t seem to get over which meant I had to buy bottled water!  In the United States, we have one of the best public water systems in the world but that does not mean we have problems! Our water systems are highly monitored and for the most part are safe.  We don’t have to deal with Cholera, arsenic poisoning or typhoid, that is for certain.  If you are concerned about the “safety” of your water this is NOT the product for you.  This instead is regarding taste. This is the best-rated pitcher that I could find for that purpose.  MAVEA 1018903 Elemaris XL 9-Cup Water Filtration Pitcher, Black

3. Water Bottles.  I drink coffee in the morning, an occasional cup of tea and water!  That is it.  I do not, however, want to purchase bottled water!  The first is the cost obviously but I really don’t want to be throwing all that plastic into landfills either.  I prefer that mine are insulated so that they don’t sweat all over the place as well as take them with me and my water will still be cold! Polar Bottle Insulated Water Bottle (24-Ounce) (Starburst)

4. Coffee Maker Having a coffee maker at home, making your own coffee and bringing it with you rather than purchasing on the way to work is definitely a money saver. IF you actually use it.  I use mine every single morning.  You would think that since I make just one cup of coffee I would use a Keurig but I don’t.  I want the ability to make an entire pot of coffee for when people come to visit and I didn’t want to pay for K-Cups either. If you have a Keurig you can get reusable cups to use in your machine which would definitely make using that particular model a lot less expensive. http://amzn.to/2mbeHkt I ended up going with a 12 Cup Programmable coffee maker and I picked this particular model for a few reasons.  One, the electronics are over the coffee pot rather than under it.  I have ruined several machines by not placing the pot in the right place or something and having the coffee all over the place.  The coffee runs all down and the electronics were ruined in one coffee maker because of it. Two, I can program it ahead of time to make coffee. Sometimes I know it’s going to be a very hectic morning with a great deal to do so being able to get this ready the night before and be able to still catch my cup of coffee in the morning is awesome! Three, this has a 2-hour shut off automatically.  Truth be told, I am forgetful or trying to do too much or something and this gives me a huge piece of mind to know if I have forgotten to turn it off, it will turn itself off.LED Bulbs Pack of 6 – A19 E27 7w Brightest 60W Soft White 3000k Light Bulb (Package May Vary)

5. Travel Mug  This I guard with my life and am sure to not leave it anywhere.  If you are prone to that I suggest you get something much less expensive.  This model is so worth every single penny though because it is anti-fall, it is leak proof (nothing like coffee down your new white sweater walking into work) and is made of food grade safe plastic, no BPA!LED Bulbs Pack of 6 – A19 E27 7w Brightest 60W Soft White 3000k Light Bulb (Package May Vary)

6. Slow Cooker I don’t know that I could’ve made it through the rushed teen years of my girls without this appliance.  There is nothing worse than coming home from a hard day work knowing you’ve got to get to parent teacher night in an hour and having nothing for dinner.  It does take a bit of planning ahead but I love my slow cooker. You can purchase much cheaper cuts of meat and cook it long and slow for a great meal.  You use less electricity than an oven too. The biggest thing for us though was not getting take out and spending too much during those busy times!  Have you ever made pulled pork in your crock pot?  I mean it is delicious, you open the door from a long day’s work to smell this…it literally is heaven.  Now you can get inexpensive models and there are some pretty pricey ones too. This is actually the model that I use all the time and it pretty basic.There are low, high and warm options on it,  the crock is removable for cleaning and it’s 7 quarts so holds a lot.

7. Battery Charger and Rechargeable Batteries.  This device right here is going to save you not just money but a headache!  There is nothing worse than a child playing with a favorite toy and running out of batteries.  This particular unit recharges four AAA and four AA batteries and comes with those.  I would obviously buy one more set of batteries so they can be charging while you are using another set.  Lifesaver right there!EBL 8 Bay AA AAA Battery Charger with AA 2800mAh (4 Pack) and AAA 1100mAh (4 Pack) Ni-MH Rechargeable Batteries

8. Smart Power Strip As technology has advanced I have acquired more and more devices that need to be charged with a USB connection so I purchased this power strip.  It has a six-foot cord which comes in handy as it seems like there is never a power outlet where you need one!  I can charge four devices and plug in four regular plugs..all of which I really needed to have. And Thanks to 110V to 220V AC input, the power strip can be used as a UStravel charger-provided that you are using an adaptor for different countries’ plugs! It also features surge protection so will protect your expensive devices from damage. ON Smart Solution Household Power Strip-4 Multi Outlets with 4 USB Ports-15.5W Universal (100V~240V) Fast Charge USB-600J Surge Protector Power Bar-6 Ft UL Cord- All in One Travel Charger-Yellow

9. Smart Phone Case.  I happen to have a Galaxy 4, it was a gift from my daughter and her husband and I love it!  Phones are SO expensive and the insurance for them is expensive too.  That is why I use an ultra protective case to make sure my phone doesn’t get damaged.  I have been very lucky with my smartphones and have never broken a single one but both my daughters have broken multiple phones so I view this as a must have. E LV Full Body Hybrid Armor Protection Defender Case Cover for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Bundle with 1 HD Screen Protector, 1 Stylus and 1 Microfiber Cleaning Cloth – Black/Hot Pink

10. Freezable Lunch Bag. When I saw there was such a thing I was so envious.  Our high school’s hot lunch program was a catered affair that cost about $6.00 a day and a lot of the food my kids didn’t even like so we packed lunches.  What I wouldn’t have given for something like this where I did n’t have to worry about losing an ice pack (yes I replaced those things often!  You just pop the whole bag in the freezer and the gel inside of it freezes.  How awesome is that? PackIt Freezable Lunch Bag with Zip Closure, Black

11. Reuseable Sweeping and Mopping Pads for your Swiffer.  Swiffers are awesome right, but how many times have your run out of the replacements pads for them?  Probably right when you were trying to clean before company is coming over, right?  And those things aren’t cheap either.  Well, they have replacements you can use that you can wash, they are made out of microfiber and work great. Reuseable Sweeping and Mopping Pads for your Swiffer. Swiffer Sweeper, Microfiber, Refill, Wet Mopping or Dry Dusting, Reusable, Eco-friendly, Set of 2, Many Colors Available (Blue)

12. Get an App for your phone to save on Groceries.  I have to admit that I have not adopted this practice yet but while doing research for this article I have learned a few things and I’m going to HAVE to try it.  So for instance Checkout 51 you browse offers and pick which ones that interest you.  So I just checked on 1 gallon of milk, bananas and a loaf of bread, things I buy all the time right?  Well when I go to the store I buy those things and then I send in my receipt and I will get .50 off each one of those things plus a .50 extra for using the system for my first time. I think it’s kind of cool.  You can download the app through Itunes or Google Play  https://www.checkout51.com

13. Price Book. This is nothing more than a small notebook that you keep with you and make notes of prices as you shop.  One of the ways that work for me in terms of saving money is only buying products on special.  My grocery store has a six-week sale cycle so I stock up on items that are on sale.  So this week I will buy six packages of coffee at 3.99 a week but I will not be purchasing any pasta because that is not on sale.  It takes some research and understanding price points at your store to get this going and keep at it so a notebook is very helpful to keep.  I also suggest keeping your sales flyers for a few months to help you to understand the sales cycles.

14. Straight Talk Phone Service. You can switch your existing phone to this plan and pay as little as $40 a month (if you will sign up for autopay) This particular kit uses Verizon towers which are what work best in my area. This kit is for Straight Talk bring your own phone program that offers unlimited TALK/TEXT/DATA for $45. Unlimited data includes 5GB LTE data.  If your contract is not “UP” with your current provider you may have to pay a fee so you will need to check that out.  This could be a great option for someone who already has a phone and their current contract has expired. Straight Talk Verizon 4G LTE 3G CDMA Bring Your Own Phone Activation Kit


4 Comments Add yours

  1. These are great ideas! I’ve never even heard of some of them.

    1. Thank you! Many of these I use regularly!

  2. A price book is such a genius idea! Not only will it help remind me when things go on sale, it will also let me know if prices rise without me noticing!

    I also love my slow cooker, AND my rice cooker! They’re both so easy to use for a less-than-amateur in the kitchen such as myself!


    1. Indya, I haven’t used a rice cooker. Can you make other things in it? I’ll have to do some research on that one.

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