Baby Pajama’s to Sleeping Bag for American Girl Doll.

One of my favorite activities in the world is to take something I already have and re purpose it for something else.  My granddaughter got an American Girl doll for Christmas and now she is complete obsessed with having all the accessories for the doll. That can get pretty expensive fast so I decided to use some things I had in the house to make her doll a sleeping bag.  I had been cleaning out the spare room dresser (that is where I keep all the extra clothes for the grandchildren) and I came across a size 3T pair of footy pajamas.  It occured to me that if I cut off the legs and arms it would make the perfect sleeping bag for Addy and I wouldn’t have to sew a whole one myself!  Here is what I did.


This is what I started with and first I sewed the zipper by hand so it wouldn’t come apart when I cut it.


And then just above where the legs separate I cut straight across and then I cut the arms off as well.


You can see my little sewing job on the zipper but no worries, I am turning it inside out and sewing it so you won’t see it when I am done. I ended up trimming the arms right out and rounding my seam to the top.


And that my friends was it.  And now we  have a sleeping bag for her doll for exactly $0!



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