What have you repaired lately?

I noticed that my towels are looking a bit tattered around the edges yesterday and after they get washed again I’m going to zigzag all around the edges with my sewing machine.  They are in great condition other than few slightly frayed parts so I thought I might as well just fix them now!  This got me to thinking about how we repair and take care of our things in order to save money.  I’ll share a few things we’ve done lately.

  1. Mending towels and clothes.  I sewed up a seam on my daughters sweaters and I’ll tackle the towels shortly.
  2. Getting stains out of clothes.  I can get any stain out of just about anything at this point.  I do work to be careful in the first place but things happen, right? Here is a great blog post that might help you with ideas for you to do the same: http://www.keeperofthehome.org/how-to-get-set-in-stains-out-of-almost-anything
  3. Car Upkeep.  It was time to do the inspection etc on my vehicle so while we were at it we got the tires rotated.  That helps to make them last longer.  You should do that every time you change the oil in your car.
  4. Oiling my sewing machine.  You are supposed to oil and clean your sewing machine after every couple of projects.  I had kind of lost track because I hadn’t done many big projects but had done quite a few small ones.
  5. Painted the entry doors to the house.  I actually only got one done so far and still have the other plus the trim to do.  One is metal and the other is composite.  The composite one was looking pretty dingy so I decided to do them both.  By painting them and replacing the seals around the door I am making it last longer thus saving having to buy another one. Also that seal needs to be replaced every so often so I am sure we’ll have less drafts around the door.
  6. We were just talking about whether we should replace the whole entry stairs or just the decking.  We are going to ask for some opinions on this one.  I say just replace the stringer for the stairs, remove the decking and put composite and treat the rest of it.  It will be much cheaper that way. But I can’t really see what kind of condition the posts etc are in underneath.  The jury is out on this project.

What repairs have you done lately to save money?



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  1. Not an actual repair- but a repurpose that means a new lease of life. Tiddler (nearly 3) is wearing holes in the knees of her leggings faster than I can sew them up. Some of them are more darns that actual leggings anymore! But I realised legging material doesn’t fray, so I have cut them off just above the knees and now she has a series of legging shorts that will last her through the summer! 🙂

    1. I do that for my grandchildren and did it for my children when they were little It was actually rare for me to buy summer clothes. I just cut off pants and shirts to use for summer! Have you seen the monster repairs for knees? SO CUTE. https://geekdad.com/2014/07/diy-monster-style-pants-repair/ plus I am a firm believer in play clothes for outside.

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