Top Fifty Tips for Saving Money from The Yankee Frugalist

  1. Direct Deposit with $5 going to savings (slowly increase this over time), you’ll never miss it
  2. Meal Planning
  3. Cut Coupons (but only for the things you normally buy)
  4. Free Museum Days
  5. Utilize your Library for movies, books and museum passes.
  6. Limit Eating Out
  7. Choose frugal hobbies, my favorite is crochet and you get hats!sponge-bob-hats
  8. Game Night
  9. Learn how to be happy
  10. Netflix, Pandora
  11. Get organized and keep good records
  12. Work from Home (just like me!)wp-1487100112520.jpg
  13. Go Outside for a walk
  14. Make your kids do chores
  15. Take care of your things
  16. Avoid Late Fees
  17. Avoid Bounce Fees
  18. Choose your benefits wisely
  19. Buy Used
  20. Find a better cell phone plan
  21. Get Programmable Thermostats
  22. Shop around for insurance rates regularly
  23. Low Flow Shower head and faucets
  24. Build a pantry buying things on salewp-1492003856147.jpg
  25. Have a garden
  26. Do your own home improvement and maintenance
  27. Bank at a Credit Union
  28. Learn all about your Income tax and don’t pay too much into Uncle Samwp-1484246763161.jpg
  29. Buy in Bulk
  30. Learn to cook!  wp-1490195944961.jpg
  31. Change the oil in your car yourself
  32. Buy used furniture
  33. Barter for goods and services.  We all have skills, trade them to get what you need!
  34. Avoid Credit Card Fees
  35. Pay Off Debt
  36. Get a second job or side hustle
  37. Clean as you go
  38. Carpool or ride-share
  39. Bring lunch to work
  40. Limit trips to the store
  41. Cut or greatly reduce cable tv services
  42. Set up playdates for your kids
  43. Learn your grocery stores sales cycle and plan your shopping around that
  44. Find cheap inexpensive meals
  45. Stop drinking juice and soda…drink water, tea or coffee. (and make those yourself)
  46. Learn to do simple repairs to clothes, sewing, putting a button back on etc.wp-1484239870662.jpg
  47. Have a clothes swap for your children, solicit hand me downs from family members.
  48. Use washcloths instead of sponges in the sink
  49. Use Dryer Balls instead of dryer sheets OR cut your dryer sheets in half.
  50. Wear your clothes twice to save on laundry.



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