Upcycled Toy Box

I love upcycling things I already have to use for something else.  This little toy box is doing double duty at our house.  It still is going to be holding all the grand children’s toys AND will be our coffee table too.  The canvas like outdoor fabric I purchased at JoAnn’s for 50% off and I had a 20% off coupon as well (they let you stack coupons there too so if you have more than one you can get awesome deals).  I spent about $30 for the fabric.  The toy box was given to us by my husbands parents when my children were little. It was his and his sisters when they were little so somewhere around 55 years old!

I had actually covered this about six years ago but it was looking pretty sad, ragged on the corners and kind of dirty so I decided to do it again.

IToy box before

I decided to do this outside since number one it was so very beautiful outside yesterday and two I would have much more light to see what I was doing.  First I removed the top, by unscrewing the hinges and started with putting the fabric on.

Toy box during

I used our Bostitch 3 Tool and compressor combo kit we bought quite a few years ago for all of our home DIY projects.  That thing is worth it’s weight in gold, it has a finish nail gun, a brad nail gun and the staple gun. IT only cost’s $199.00.

You don’t have to use this of course,  a hand heavy duty stapler will work but your hand is going to be sore when you are done.

I measured cut out the fabric and then wrapped it around the top, folding over the edges and stabled it on.  It really helps to have someone to help you.  They can hold things in place for you etc.  The whole thing took my husband and I about three hours.

Then I screwed the hinges back on and I was done.  I have to admit I was tired by the end of it but oh so happy with the results.  And so for $30 I have a rehabbed toy box/coffee table!  Not bad, not bad at all.



6 Comments Add yours

  1. Ritu says:

    You are so handy! The box looks great!

    1. Thank you. I love DIY!!

      1. Ritu says:

        It’s great to be able to create from old pieces!

      2. One of my favorite things to do for sure!!

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