10 things this Frugal Grammy will spend Money on

I belong to a Facebook Group called Frugal Family Food (great place to be to learn about cheap recipes and how to save on groceries).  It is a group so you have to join  https://www.facebook.com/groups/1171483046225309/ . There was a question from one of the group recently  “Is there anything that you aren’t frugal about? Like a brand, you have to buy or a certain product you “splurge” on?”.  This got me to thinking because there are a few things that I buy that are name brand.

    • Dawn Dish Liquid.  This one I don’t actually consider a splurge but a necessity.  I have not found one other product that comes close to doing the job on our dishes that Dawn does.  The other dish soaps do such a lousy job that I have to use twice as much so even though the initial price in the store is less for that product, in the long run, it costs more to use.
    • Cascade Platinum.  This for US is another necessity.  Here in New Hampshire, we have a lot of minerals in the water which they call “hard” water. We were getting all sorts of deposits in the dishwasher and many times our dishes were not being cleaned. If we do not use this we get a build up and the life of the dishwasher would be cut in half!  So we fork out the money to buy this brand and it works great for us. It has water softening chemicals in the pods so it works much better than any other brand I have found.
    • Shoes.  I had a knee replacement in 2002 and a hip replacement in 2015 which then was repaired twice afterward so I CANNOT skimp on shoes.  I am an ATV statistic, fell off one when I was about 21 and tore apart my left knee.  Had problems ever since.  For indoor shoes (I don’t wear them outside at all) I wear Sketchers and for outside I have my Nikes and then I like the Skechers walking shoes as well.
  • My grandkids clothes.  First, let me just say I hate shopping.  I don’t like going into a store and looking through a ton of things to find what I want.  That being said my husband and I will buy clothes for the kids online and have them shipped right to their house.  I wanted things that would be of good quality and last as long as they could wear them and even be handed down to the next grandbaby so I buy Carters http://www.carters.com . That doesn’t mean I pay full price.  I have an account and for every $100 I get a $10 gift certificate toward the next purchase.  I work to always buy on sale or when the items are on clearance.  I will buy mostly basics with a few fancy or pretty things thrown in.
  • Paint. I am a  DIY diva.  My husband and I have slowly redone every single spec of our house and still have further to go.  Years ago I bought a brand of paint that was “supposed” to be good based on a commercial.  I HATED it.  When I was my walls in my kitchen the red comes off on my cloth!  I like to use either Sherwin Williams or Valspar.  Yes, these are way more expensive than other brands but worth every single penny.  They are a joy to use, go on smooth and cover most of the time in one coat.  I spend money on the good primer when I am going over a dark color like I will have to when I paint over that red! I prefer KILZ.  Most of the time I use the latex but really tough things you want to cover I would use the alcohol based one.  I hope next year to paint our second bathroom and it has pine paneling for walls, that will definitely need to have that Kilz alcohol base on it to cover all the knots in the pine.
  • Paint Brush. I am giving this one a category all its own because there is NOTHING like a good paintbrush.  If you take care of it, you should have it for years and years. Buying a cheap one will just frustrate your painting project, the paint will not be easy to work with using a cheap brush. I personally prefer Purdy brand and most often use this brush.  My hand painting is generally limited to either trimming out the edges of a room or doing the trim around windows and such. There are different types of brushes for different types of paint, this one is for latex paint.  If you are not sure what to get ask either at the hardware store or at a home improvement store.
  • Tools. Like I said I am a DIY diva and have just about every home improvement tool you can imagine.  Over the years we have accumulated a lot of things and learned the hard way not to skimp in this area.  I remember buying a cheap buzzer for sanding and it was USELESS.  I hated it.  So I went for this sander and it has lasted me about 12 years thus far!  Hand tools too are important to have that are good quality if you are using them all the time, otherwise, your hands will hurt.  I buy the best that I can afford and love Stanley.
  • Furniture.  I would rather buy an older piece of solid furniture and redo it than buy a cheap particle board thing.  I have things that are solid wood pieces over 40 years old that have stood up to the everyday use we put them through.  Yes, it can be quite expensive to buy these things and it takes a lot of saving to get what it is that I want, however, once I have them, I will have them forever. I have known Bruce since I was a child and would highly recommend anything he makes. https://www.custommade.com/by/CharestFurniture/ This has meant though that I had to teach my children and even their friends to respect my things.  I remember a particular incident when one of the girls’ friends came over and had her feet and knees on my couch.  “Butt in the seat, feet on the floor please,” I said. She kind of laughed.  I gave her the look.  The one that indicates I am was not kidding in the least.  She took her legs out of the couch and sat on it correctly.  “Oh, you meant it” she replied.  Oh yes, I meant it.  As a matter of fact, when my youngest kept jumping all around on the furniture I made her sit on the floor for a LONG time!  I paid far too much for that set for it to be ruined like that.
  • Chocolate.   I hate cheap knock off brands of chocolate. They have those at holidays especially and they are disgusting.  Give me a lovely basket of Godiva and I will be a very happy woman.  To bake with I am alright with buying Market Basket brand semi sweet chocolate chips but those cheap chocolate bunnies for Easter, no.
  • Chips.  Now this one isn’t so much about me but rather my family.  I used to buy cheap chips and I had a little revolt on my hands.  It is actually pretty rare for me to eat chips although I like a little handful with my tuna sandwich they are not something I normally eat.  On the other hand, my husband LOVES chips.  His favorite is Humpty Dumpty Barbecue potato chips.  There is not a substitute for these.  He will not eat any other brand of barbecue potato chips.  .

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