About Me

Because of a job loss in the early 90’s my husband and I lost our home and had to start all over again. We actually moved everything we owned two weeks before my second child was born into a junky little trailer. We LOST EVERYTHING but our personal possessions. So we had to start over and we did. We worked hard doing without and in five years nearly to the day we bought the house we live in now. And we struggled some more, trying to find our way. I blog to share what I know to help others. You will laugh but I originally started my blog as a way to give advice to my grown children just going out in the world but then I realized so many people don’t know basics. I make cooking videos as well to teach cooking from scratch to save money. I love to cook and place wonderful food before my family.

I went back to school in 1999 and earned my degree in Human Resources.  I worked full-time and went to school full time.  At the time my husband worked second shift so when I got home the kids were my responsibility.  Chances are that if it could go wrong it did. The knowledge that I share was gained the old fashioned way with trial and error.  


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