Dagne Goodwin
Dagne Goodwin

My husband and I have been married nearly 30 years and have managed to raise two children who are now independent young women with families of their own. We’ve added to our clan and have three grandchildren now! We have had times of great abundance in our lives but mostly have lived pay check to pay check and sometimes that wasn’t even enough.  When we purchased this house in 1997 we moved in and I am serious when I say we did not have a quarter left over.  We spent all we had on buying the home and on moving.  We had groceries enough for a few days and full tanks of gas in the vehicles until we got paid. We held our breath praying to God nothing went wrong with anything until those paychecks came.  I have always worked as well as my husband and he has always done chores and cooked. We have always considered ourselves a team and try to accomplish what needs to be done together.  Good thing because since I have bad knees and he has a useless shoulder I think we make up one entire person together!  I’ve started this blog to share what I know about making do or doing without in hopes that it’ll help someone else in the same sort of struggle.  Keith is retired but I still work from home as a recruiter when I can get assignments and there are times where I do not work for long stretches which require some serious budgeting and doing without!


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  1. Hi fellow Frugalteer. Great blog!

    1. Love the term Frugalteer! And thank you!!

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